Customer Service

Customer Service

If you have a GO-PASS or a toll bill related question, please call 303-926-2500 or e-mail us at:

To pay your GO-PASS bill or sign up for a GO-PASS account, visit

If you have any other questions about the Northwest Parkway, please call 303-533-1200 or fill out the Contact form on the Contact page.

If have questions about your ExpressToll account or wish to sign up, please contact ExpressToll at

If you need Roadside Assistance, please call 303-419-1165 (daily from 5:00a.m. until 9:00p.m.). In case of emergency dial 911!

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3701 Northwest Parkway
Broomfield, Colorado 80023

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M-F, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Car Troubles? Call Courtesy Patrol 5:00 am - 9:00 pm


Claims Procedure
Northwest Parkway LLC has established incident claim investigation and processing procedures for property damage to vehicles that were specifically related to Northwest Parkway operations.
Northwest Parkway LLC does not and can not assume responsibility for damage claims, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Weather related events
  • Weather conditions
  • Damage caused by other vehicles
  • Unreported road debris
  • Unreported road conditions

By accepting and evaluating any Incident Investigation/Claim Form, Northwest Parkway LLC does not acknowledge or accept liability or responsibility for any alleged or claimed incident.  Acceptance or receipt of the Claim Form is for review and evaluation purposes only.
To obtain an Incident Investigation/Claim Form, click here to download the form, or stop at the Northwest Parkway LLC office located at the toll plaza on the Northwest Parkway, 3701 Northwest Parkway, Broomfield, Colorado 80023.


General Information

The speed limit on the majority of our main road is 75 mph.  However, on the west end of Northwest Parkway, westbound traffic is to reduce their speed to 45 mph before they approach the 96th Street intersection.  This is the one and only traffic signal on the main road of the Parkway but it begins the more urban area where slower speeds are required.  On the entrance and exit ramps to the toll road, where we have tolling locations, the speed limit is 35 mph.  Other ramps vary by location but are posted as such on each ramp.

You can get on Northwest Parkway from several locations. If you are traveling on I-25, take Exit 228 toward Broomfield.  From Highway 36 (the Boulder Turnpike), take the Storage Tech Drive (aka Interlocken Loop) Exit.  From Highway 287, you can enter Northwest Parkway in either a westbound or eastbound direction at Dillon Road.  You can also access either eastbound or westbound Northwest Parkway from Sheridan Parkway, just east of Lowell Boulevard or south of 160th Avenue and State Highway 7.  Finally, if you are travelling west on the northern portion of E-470 and do not exit at Colorado, Washington or I-25, you will automatically be on the Northwest Parkway.
Yes. ExpressToll® customers who have motorcycles should add their motorcycles to their accounts. Unless the motorcycle is listed and receives its own tag, the customer’s ExpressToll® affiliation will not be recognized, and the customer will receive a GO-PASS™ bill from Northwest Parkway for the toll(s), plus any applicable fees.

Customers of the road who do not have an ExpressToll® account are also welcome to drive their motorcycles on Northwest Parkway. Motorcycles are treated as any other 2 axle vehicle. 

No. The high speeds on Northwest Parkway make it an unsafe environment for bicycles.
If you are an ExpressToll® customer, you must call ExpressToll® Customer Service at 303-537-3470 to add the license plate number (LPN) of the trailer to your account. Since the trailer will be towed by a vehicle that is listed on your account and has a tag in it, no separate tag will need to be issued for the trailer. Its LPN, however, does need to be listed on your account. Rather than calling ExpressToll®, you may elect to go to to add the trailer and its LPN to your account. Once the trailer LPN is listed on the account, you do not need to do anything else. The correct toll amount will automatically be deducted from your account.

Tolls at our Main Line Toll Plaza are determined by the number of axles.  Tolls at our ramp locations (Sheridan and US 287) are a fixed cost regardless of the number of axles.  For a complete detail on the applicable toll rates and fees please visit our webpage section: Tolls/Rates.
The Northwest Parkway and E470 are two entirely separate toll roads, joined together at I-25, north of Denver. Both Northwest Parkway and E470 use the ExpressToll® prepaid pass system. The same ExpressToll® tags may be used on Northwest Parkway and on E470, as well as the HOV Lanes on I-25. If, however, you do not have an ExpressToll® account and you receive a GO-PASS™ bill from Northwest Parkway and a License Plate Tolling bill from E470 for your tolls, you must pay each of these bills separately.  E470 is the toll road that circles the eastern metro Denver area and extends from I-25 in the south at approximately Lincoln Avenue to I-25 in the north between 144th Avenue and State Highway 7.  E470 also administers tolls on the I-25/Highway 36 HOV Lanes.  Northwest Parkway extends from E470 at I-25 in the north to Highway 36 (the Boulder Turnpike).
Northwest Parkway is a full privately funded road open for public use, should motorists choose to use this toll road.   Not a penny of federal or state tax dollars went into building the road, or goes into operating, maintaining and improving the road.
The toll revenue collected goes in large part toward repaying the investors for the initial costs of road construction, as well as the costs of day-to-day operations, maintenance, and future improvements.
Our offices are adjacent to the westbound cash lanes of the toll road. The west driveway to our building is accessible by exiting the main westbound lanes of the toll road at the sign that indicates Administration Building access. The east driveway is off Lowell Boulevard, approximately 2 miles north of the intersection of 144th and Lowell Blvd, just north of the Lowell Bridge which extends over Northwest Parkway. Our address is 3701 Northwest Parkway, Broomfield, CO 80023. Office hours are Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. You may reach us by telephone at (303) 533-1200, by fax at (303) 926-2501, or email us at
No.  All the turnarounds are signed as “EMERGENCY and AUTHORIZED VEHICLES ONLY”.  If you are not one of these two types of drivers, you are not allowed to use these turnarounds and will be treated as a traffic offense subject to a fine.  It is extremely dangerous for other drivers to use these turnarounds, and their use is strictly prohibited.

Toll Information

For a complete and detail information on the Northwest Parkway applicable toll rates and fees, including payment options and discounts, please visit our webpage section: Tolls/ Rates.
Yes. Everyone who travels on the toll road must pay the tolls that are due. We have installed signage well in advance of entering the toll way to indicate to drivers that they are approaching a toll road. There are opportunities after the signage to avoid taking the toll road. If, however, you miss seeing the signs and end up on the toll road by mistake, you are required to pay the tolls. 
Effective January 1, 2010, Northwest Parkway fully instituted non-stop tolling.  Now anyone can conveniently drive our road and use the designated ExpressToll and/or GO-PASS  lanes without having to stop to make the toll payments.  Here are your choices of how to pay for your tolls:

  • GO-PASS™ Auto-Bill - Choose our GO-PASS™ Auto-Bill service, travel the Northwest Parkway non-stop through the designated GO-PASS Lanes, and the toll amount only (no fees or penalties) will be automatically charged to the credit card that you maintain securely on file with Northwest Parkway, and a detailed receipt will be emailed to you.
  • ExpressToll - Open a pre-paid ExpressToll account, receive a tag for your vehicle(s), travel the designated ExpressToll Lanes, and the toll amount only (no fees or penalties) will be automatically deducted from your pre-paid account.
  • All Vehicles driving through our ExpressToll or GO-PASS Lanes. If you have not signed up for any of the above, you will receive a GO-PASS bill in the mail. You may conveniently pay your bill online at or pay your bill through the mail.
You can avoid getting a GO-PASS bill in the mail in one of three ways.  First, after you receive your initial bill you can go online to or call us at 303-926-2500 and we will set your account up to receive bills by email. 

The next two options also provide the benefit of reduced fees!  The second option is to sign up for our GO-PASS Auto-Bill service.  With Auto-Bill, your Northwest Parkway tolls are automatically charged once a month to the credit card number that you securely maintain in our records, and a detailed receipt can be emailed to you.  The processing and handling fees on toll transactions are waived for Auto-Bill customers.  To sign up for Auto-Bill, visit, or call us at 303-926-2500.

The third option is to sign up for an ExpressToll account.  ExpressToll works on a prepaid balance, and you are issued tags to place in each of your vehicles.  You pre-pay $35.00 in tolls, and then your Northwest Parkway and your E470 tolls are deducted as you drive through. Just like the GO-PASS Auto-Bill customers ExpressToll won’t pay additional.  To sign up for ExpressToll, visit, or call them at 303-537-3470.   

A picture is taken of every vehicle.  From the license plate number we determine the registered owner of the vehicle, as well as if the vehicle is enrolled in our GO-PASS™ Auto-Bill service, or if the plate number is listed on an active ExpressToll account.  Then, we are able to determine how the toll amount is to be paid. 

ExpressToll® Account Information

No. An ExpressToll® tag is assigned to a specific vehicle/license plate number (LPN). If, for any reason, a tag fails to read properly when going through a toll collection point, the back-up is the vehicle LPN. Our system will take a picture of the LPN and then search through the database to find a match listed on an active ExpressToll® account. If no match for the LPN is found, the system classifies the transaction as a GO-PASS™ transaction and a GO-PASS™ bill will be created for the toll and fees may also apply. Therefore, customers should obtain a tag for each vehicle that they will drive on the toll road. There is no charge for receiving additional tags. All tags listed on an account will draw from the same account balance.
Yes, to both questions. It is important that you keep your ExpressToll® account updated with current vehicle/LPN information. If your account is not updated, you will receive a separate GO-PASS™ bill for your Northwest Parkway transactions. You may update your account by calling ExpressToll® Customer Service at 303-537-3470, or you may update the account through the website, at 
Northwest Parkway has a different system than E470. When you go through our ExpressToll® lanes, the tag will not beep. Eventually, tags will not beep on Northwest Parkway or E470. This will help to extend the battery life of the tags.  Depending upon use, tag batteries should last several years. Newer model tags are equipped with replaceable batteries. All older model tags will be replaced, when their batteries die, with the newer model.
DIA has installed an airport access control system for taxis, buses, and limousines that uses the same frequency and communications protocol as the ExpressToll® system.  The older versions of tags that have the “beep” feature will beep, but please be assured your ExpressToll® account is not being charged a toll at the airport.
The Northwest Parkway accepts ExpressToll® passes as payment for our tolls.  If, however, you received a separate bill from us, that generally means that something is not matching up with the ExpressToll® account.  Perhaps the license plate number is not listed on your account, or the license plate number was added to the account after the time the toll occurred.  Perhaps the credit card backing your ExpressToll® account has passed its expiration date.  Just give us a call at 303-926-2500 and we can determine the reason, and try to ensure that you do not receive separate bills from Northwest Parkway in the future.
Once the separate bill has been created, it needs to be paid separately.  When the bill has been paid, and the situation that resulted in the separate billing has been properly resolved, you will not continue to receive bills from Northwest Parkway.  Future toll transactions will be paid through your ExpressToll account.

Additional Information

Non-stop tolling is safer and more environmentally friendly.  With non-stop tolling you don’t need to slow down to exit the road in order to pay at the toll booth, and then accelerate again to merge back into traffic.  This not only helps avoid accidents, but also helps your fuel economy by maintaining a consistent speed.

Courtesy Patrol

The Courtesy Patrol will be on the road from 5:00am until 9:00pm and in the event of snow 365 days a year.

The Courtesy Patrol will...

  • monitor the road for debris
  • supply 1.5 gallons of gas for motorists that run out
  • assist in tire changes or call towing company if needed
  • provide cell phone assistance to stranded patrons
  • assist in emergency response

Courtesy Patrol can be contacted at