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The Northwest Parkway is a 75 mile-per-hour toll road. It is a public road and part of the Colorado highway system, connecting E-470 at I-25 in the north metro Denver area, with U.S. 36 in Broomfield, Colorado. A toll transaction is recorded on the Northwest Parkway either by reading your vehicle license plate or ExpressToll transponder, when you drive through one of our three toll locations (Mainline Plaza, Sheridan, or U.S.287 ramp) depending on the User's route. Each trip on the NWP will generate at least one toll-transaction. Check our MAPS HERE.

The Northwest Parkway is an All-Electronic Toll Road meaning you will not stop to pay your tolls at the time of travel, thus increasing convenience and safety.

Complete information about our current toll rates and applicable fees can be found HERE.

Our billing cycle runs monthly; the time between driving the road and receiving a GO-PASS toll bill can vary, as we first validate the toll transaction(s) matching to the User vehicle's account and in case the User does not have an account (GO-PASS or ExpressToll) we need to obtain the User vehicle's information. To learn more about our GO-PASS billing process please click HERE.


Failure to pay a toll bill on time and in full is considered a breach of contract for use of the Northwest Parkway and may be subject to additional fees and legal action.

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Terms of Use

The use of the Northwest Parkway toll road constitutes acceptance of all terms and conditions set forth on this website in addition to those set forth in invoices or other authorized correspondence to you from the Northwest Parkway which may be amended from time to time without direct notice being provided. It is the individual person or corporate entity owning the vehicle utilizing the Northwest Parkway ("User") responsibility to check back and monitor the Terms of Use for any such updates or changes. Use of the Northwest Parkway constitutes consent and agreement to these Terms of Use and the binding contract between the User and the Northwest Parkway LLC (NWP) for the use of the Northwest Parkway.

Link to our detailed: Terms of Use and Disclaimer.

How To Pay

The Northwest Parkway is an All-Electronic Toll Road, meaning you will not need to stop to pay your tolls at the time of travel, thus increasing convenience and safety. Below are your payment options.



No registration is needed. Just drive non-stop on the Northwest Parkway and we will mail a bill to the registered owner of the vehicle, at the address obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles. Payments can be securely and conveniently made online at www.go-pass.com, by mail or by phone. The bill will include the tolls, plus applicable fees. GO-PASS is an exclusive service of Northwest Parkway. If you travel on other Colorado toll roads you will receive a separate toll bill from ExpressToll. To learn more about Northwest Parkway’s GO-PASS service, CLICK HERE..

GO-PASS Auto-Bill


Take advantage of the time and money saving convenience of our GO-PASS Auto-Bill service. Once a month, your accumulated tolls (with no fees) are charged to your credit card on file. With Auto-Bill, there’s no prepaid balance. You save time – your payments are made on-time and automatically. You save money – no processing fees and no postage required for mailing in your payment. This option is only valid for the Northwest Parkway toll road. Sign-up for Auto-Bill at www.go-pass.com.


Customers can open an ExpressToll account with a $35 prepaid toll balance and will receive a transponder to place inside of the vehicle(s). As you drive any Colorado toll road, the tolls (with no fees) will be deducted from your balance. To sign up or learn more about this convenient option please visit www.expresstoll.com. Also click here to learn more about the switchable transponders for use in the HOV/Managed Lanes.